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I understand that I will receive all financial aid and student account notifications from Nova Academy of Cosmetology via electronic means.

This includes receiving all communications via the institution's primary method of contact, which is my personal email account, or by phone/text to any active phone number provided by me in my student record. Communications may include but are not limited to: monthly payment statements, payment statement changes, account holds, collections, legislative notice requirements, tax document availability, and other student business related notices.
Also, I specifically consent to receive my year-end IRS Tax Form 1098-T electronically via my STARs Student Supportal (Portal), unless I have taken the appropriate measures to withdraw my consent.
The Form 1098-T will be available on or before January 31st of the applicable year and will be available until (at a minimum) December 31st of that year. The Form 1098-T will be available in .pdf format. Once accessed, the form will be able to be saved or printed.
Duration of Consent
 This consent applies to forms furnished every year after the consent is given until it is withdrawn in the manner provided below.
Withdrawal of consent: To opt-out, I must send written notice to:
Nova Academy of Cosmetology:
ATTN: Student Accounts- 1098-T Processing
5979 Bandel Road
Rochester, MN 55901
Written notice must include your student id, your specific request to opt-out of the electronic delivery option for your tax Form 1089-T document, and verification of your current address on file with the institution.
Confirmation of my consent withdrawal will be sent to my personal email on file with the institution.
A withdrawal of consent does not apply to a form that was furnished electronically before the date on which the withdrawal date takes effect.
My request must be received by Student Accounts no later than November 30th of the tax year for which I wish to elect paper delivery.
Additional Communication Disclosures
NOTICE OF TERMINATION: Eligible recipients will only include those students that have had reportable financial transactions during the tax year.
UPDATING INFORMATION: If your address is incorrect you must update your address information via your STARs Student Supportal (Portal).
VIEWING YOUR FORMS: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the IRS Form 1098-T. By granting consent to electronic delivery of this form, you are confirming the ability to view documents in this format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download at www.adobe.com.
REQUEST FOR PAPER STATEMENT: An advantage of the electronic 1098-T is that it is available for you to print at your convenience. However, if you consented to receive the 1098-T form in an electronic format and you subsequently want to request a paper copy, stop in to the Financial Aid Office on your campus. One may be provided right away or the request may take up to 7-10 business days to complete.
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